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8-Year-Old Fatally Shot After High-Speed Chase in Houston • Mirror Daily

Houston authorities declared an 8-year-old was fatally shot following a car accident.

A freak incident taking place on Saturday Morning claimed the life of 8-year-old D’Maree Adkins from Houston, Texas. Investigators believe this to be the case of road rage and have yet managed to identify a suspect. The eight-year-old died at the hospital the same day, after being hit by a stray bullet.

Houston’s Police Department is currently trying to establish why an infant was shot following a car accident. According to the investigators, the authorities were called on early Saturday morning, at approximately 2, by an eyewitness who said that at least two or three vehicles traveling at high speed were involved in an accident south of Fuqua Street.

The law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene declared that a Honda Accord collided with a Pontiac. The Honda Accord’s and Accord’s drivers were unharmed, but an 8-year-old girl was discovered in critical condition.

Toyia Thomas, the Pontiac’s driver, and D’Maree’s mother declared that she left the Beltway 8 and was about to arrive at the first intersection when she saw that the traffic light changing. Thomas said that another car approached at high speed from the opposite direction and that she had no time to react.

Seconds later, the woman’s car got hit by the Pontiac. Fortunately, both Thomas and the Pontiac’s driver got out of the crash with only a few scrapes and bruises. As the woman recalls, after the accident happened, another vehicle, described as being a four-door black sedan, pulled next to Thomas’s car, and a gunshot was heard.

Thomas said that the other vehicle was driven by a woman. After hearing the gunshot, the woman went to check on 8-year-old D’Maree who was sitting in the car’s backseat. Thomas said that the little girl was sleeping quietly when the accident happened.

When the woman picked up her daughter, she saw a small patch of blood on her chest. Upon lifting her shirt, Thomas realized that the bullet fired from the other car injured the little girl. Unfortunately, D’Maree Adkins died shortly after being taken to the local hospital.

At the moment, the investigators are trying to establish if there is a connection between the Pontiac’s vehicle driver and the unknown woman assailant who opened fire on Thomas’s car. Although the case was labeled as homicide, the investigators believe this to be a case of road rage gone terribly wrong.

Image source: Pixabay

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