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Allergic Boy Was Removed From a Plane under Thunderous Applause • Mirror Daily

The flight attendant was rude to the family and encouraged the other passengers to act similarly.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – To paraphrase queen Amidala, this is how humanity dies, under thunderous applause. A horrifying scene depicting a total lack of humanity and compassion was witnessed by the mother of 7 years old boy. The allergic boy was removed from a plane under thunderous applause given by the relieved passengers that were able to carry on with their flight undisturbed.

Misses Fabian-Roman, the mother of the boy in question told the story of the inhumane passengers and the terrifying services received from the Allegiant Airlines stewardess.

The entire Fabian-Roman family was travelling from Bellingham to Phoenix. The purpose of their visit to Phoenix was in both pleasure and pain. The father of the child was diagnosed with terminal throat cancer and they were trying to get to Phoenix, where his side of the family lived, in order to spend some of his remaining time with them.

After boarding the plane, the little boy started to feel itchy all over his body. Because of his continuous scratching, hives started to appear on his skin. The mother reported the trouble to the flight attendant and asked if there were any dogs on the plane.

The attitude of the stewardess was despicable. She treated the Fabian-Roman family as if they were deliberately delaying the flight and just sneered at them while informing the concerned family that every commercial flight carries pets.

Her disdain only made the other passengers feel irritated by the delay. When the family decided to get off the plane, the remaining passengers started to applause, feeling relieved by the fact that they were going to proceed with their flight without being disturbed by a sick child.

But the real sick human beings in this story are not the boy that has a serious allergy to dogs, or the father who had the misfortune of being diagnosed with stage IV terminal throat cancer. No, really sick people are the flight attendant and the passengers.

The mother wrote on her Facebook account that her 7 years old son started to burst into tears as they were exiting the plane, saying that it is all his fault. But then he added that the whole situation made him even sad seeing how people treated them without knowing the terrible sadness that is in their lives.

The Allegiant Airlines flight company declared that they forwarded the feedback they received from the Fabian-Roman family and they will make sure that the services are improved. What they didn’t specify was the employment status of the sneering flight attendant.

An allergic boy was removed from a plane under thunderous applause because of a rude and ignorant stewardess and because humanity has left humankind long ago, leaving behind a bunch of egocentric narcissist robots.

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