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Apple Patents a Stealthy Way to Make an Emergency Call • Mirror Daily

Apple wants to help you make emergency calls without being seen

(Mirror Daily, United States) – On Tuesday, Apple filed a patent for a new technology which might allow you to be more discreet when making an emergency call. This new mechanism will only need your fingerprint to call 911, and no longer requires you to type the number and be seen by other people while doing so.

How to be stealthy when making an emergency call

Most phones today have the technology which allows you to make an emergency call without having to unlock your phone or type the number. However, it’s still not easy to do this without someone else seeing you do it, which can be a great inconvenience in some cases.

Apple thought of those cases when you need to hide to make a 911 call, and patented a technology which makes it easier for you to be stealthy. If they will embrace this mechanism in the future, you will be able to preset a touch code or use your fingerprint to make such a call.

The feature should allow you to set a touch pattern to make a 911 call

How should one use their fingerprint to do this? On a regular basis, let’s say the user in question uses their thumb to unlock the iPhone. For an emergency call, they might set the fingerprint of their index finger to alert the authorities, or choose a different fingerprint sequence. This would allow them to hide their action and make it look less obvious.

Since everything should stay stealthy, after the call is made, the phone will send its location and maybe provide audio or video live streaming. Also, users might be able to choose to have sensitive information deleted when they type the touch sequence.

However, we still cannot tell if Apple is going to use this technology on the next iPhones. Some sources claim the company will give up on fingerprint scanners. Instead, it might opt for replacing it with a facial recognition tool.
Image Source: Pixabay

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