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Call of Duty sale •

The $14.99 starter kit is basically a demo for the multiplayer mode of the Black Ops III game.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Call of Duty video game franchise is one of the most resistant and well-sold shooter games in the history of video gaming. This is why you should go on Steam and get your starter kit for COD Black Ops III for $14.99.

Call of Duty can be played in both single and multiplayer mode and the Steam starter kit consists in only the portion of the game that is available for the multiplayer mode.

You can get your starter kit for COD Black Ops III for $14.99 on Steam and start making a name in the Call of Duty universe. It is possible that this is exactly what Activision had in mind when it came up with the offer.

The players who will purchase the starter kit will have the opportunity of joining the public ranked quick matches. They will also have exclusive access to special features like the Gunsmith, Freerun, Arena, Black Market, Theater and the Paint Shop.

But there will be certain features that they will not be able to access like the Campaign and Zombie game modes, the Nightmare modes, the Arcade II from Dead Ops and the ability to take part in custom matches designed for the multiplayer mode.

The worst part of the deal is the fact that the players will not be able to access the Prestige option, so they will be stuck on level 55. They will also be unable to use mod content and tools.

Basically, the entire starter kit that Steam is offering is playable on-line with a single exception, the Freerun mod that can be played off-line.

If you only want to play Call of Duty for the multiplayer mode, then you must get your starter kit for COD Black Ops III for $14.99. The same stands for those who only want to try out the game before deciding to purchase the entire version, which is available for $59.99.

The best part? If you purchase the starter kit and then decide you want the full Black Ops III experience, you only have to pay an additional $45 for the full upgrade. There is also an $85 digital deluxe version that you can upgrade to.

So it is safe to say the starter kit that Steam is selling is something like a demo for the Black Ops III game.

And there is more good news. The Season Pass can be used with the starter kit and the points that a player gathers will be carried over in the case of a full upgrade to the game.

All in all, you should get your starter kit for COD Black Ops III for $14.99 until the offer expires on the 29th of February.

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