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Check Your Secret Facebook Messages • Mirror Daily

Your Facebook inbox is trickier to manage than you initially believed.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – We all deal with important e-mails that our e-mail provider decides to send to Bulk or Spam, causing to miss it for weeks on end. What if we told you that there is a secret compartment on your Facebook page that does the same thing with your personal messages. Here is how you can check your secret Facebook messages.

Facebook cares a lot about privacy, so the social network implemented a strategy that sends all messages from people who are not friends with the receiver either in the “message requests” category, either in the “filtered” one.

So if you have a Facebook account for a couple of years now and a rainy afternoon with nothing to do, you can check your secret Facebook messages. The procedure is quite easy, but it is recommended to use a laptop or computer for the deal, rather than a smartphone or a tablet.

Once you braced yourselves and decided to spend a couple of hours scrolling through messages like “Hey I know you from that party last week, let’s hang” to the more common “I am a prince and I require your assistance for a business transaction,” to spams from different pages you liked.

For example, if you liked Bon Jovi on Facebook, the page sent you messages with all of his concert dates, but the social platform filtered them. Or if somebody with whom you had no friends in common messaged you, the PM would also go in the “filtered” category rather than in the “message requests” that you might check from time to time.

In order to check your secret Facebook messages, you can go to your Facebook account and click on the message icon. After doing so, you must select the “See All” option that appears on the bottom.

You will then be redirected towards the messages page. On the top, left corner you will find that you have additional columns. The default selected option is “Recent”, if you click on the next one, “Messages Requests”, you will find the messages from all of the people that sent you a PM that didn’t make it to your usual inbox.

Usually, these are the people that also sent you a friend request. But if you really want to make things interesting and check your secret Facebook messages, then you can go to the “More” button and select the option “Filtered.” That is where the fun begins.

Image source: Flickr

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