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Embed Tweets on Apps and Other Sites with New Tools • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Only weeks after rolling out Moments, Twitter is already offering publishers and developers new tools that make it a lot easier to embed tweets on apps and other sites. At the same time, the company has decided to open Publisher and Curator, two of their new tools, to all users.

Publishing and customizing the way tweets look on outside websites has never been easier. According to the speech that Michael Ducker, product manager, addressed at the company’s Flight developer conference, these new tools are the very ones that Twitter also uses to control Moments.

Publish is the feature that will allow news organizations to customize the way tweets appear when embedded on other websites than Twitter itself. Developers and users alike can generate themed collections, selecting and grouping related tweets – either manually or automatically via a third-party application.

By using these tools, users can choose a new format for the embedded collections, one that highlights the featured videos and photos, rather than the text of a tweet. As Ducker said in his keynote, “the embedded tweet is a modern-day pull quote.”

What Twitter has done is simplify the process for telling stories on the app by providing users with a complete “end-to-end ecosystem.” No longer do you have to manually manage several tweet IDs one at a time when you want a great story to accompany your embedded tweet; just use tools that basically do it for you.

Twitter has also partnered with other marketing platforms that aim to help marketers manage audience experiences, such as ScribbleLive, Spredfast, Wayin Dataminr, and Flowics so content publishers can organize and personalize tweets from within the services they are already using to monitor brand engagement.

On the other hand, Curator is the tool you need for discovering more relevant tweets. The tool – with its brand new dashboard-like design – comes with advanced filtering controls, and analytics features that help publishers take a peek into trending topics and other important discussions hosted on Twitter.

At first glance, these tools seem to be clearly targeted toward publishers, but Twitter explained they could be used by developers as well, helping them design custom tweet timelines within their apps.

Twitter encourages users to try out Embedded Timelines and see how easy it is to organize and display better tweets directly in app and on websites. The company also hopes to drive user growth with the new tools by increasing Twitter’s appeal to those who may encounter tweets outside of its native webiste.
Image Source: Tech News Today

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