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horrible haircut video went viral •

The model looks like she’s holding back some serious tears after seeing her ghastly new look.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A horrible haircut video went viral on the Internet after somebody posted on YouTube with the title “Stylish Haircut”.

There is nothing stylish about that haircut as you will be able to see in the video embedded at the end of the article. Even the hair model’s smile is saying “help me” while she’s trying to hold back her tears in front of the camera.

A couple of days ago, a horrible haircut video went viral after somebody named the abomination it depicts as being a “Stylish Haircut”. The video is a bit over a minute long and it shows a hair model with beautiful, blond and pink long, straight hair.

A scissors-armed hand of doom approaches her and starts cutting her golden locks of straight shiny hair. The viewer first gets the impression that the haircut will be something of a pixie combined with the classical bowl cut. But then another bowl is shaped, and then another. At the end, the “hair stylist”, or the five-year-old child that was somehow allowed to pick up scissors and actually use them on a human being, frizzes the remaining hair of the model.

Viewers can actually see the model holding back a few tears as she genuinely forces herself to smile in the presentation section of the horrible haircut video went viral.

The worst part is that the hair was mangled in such a way that she won’t even be able to sport a proper pixie before her hair grows back.

People that commented on both social media and YouTube all agree that the latest “trend” is probably not something that will catch on. But then again, people thought that the unicorn hair will not be the first choice of women, but there are plenty of tutorials with a lot of views and positive comments on the internet.

The “unicorn hair” trend requires long hair, preferably colorful. A few locks from the front the front side of the head are then braided in something that looks like a unicorn horn.

These trends succeeded the “rainbow hair” trend when girls and women painted their hair in all the colors of the rainbow, the “blue hair”, which mostly turned into a sickish green after a few weeks, and “pink hair” frenzies.

The horrible haircut video went viral on social media, but the YouTube version is quickly picking up the pace.

Image source: YouTube

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