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Humans Hunting Animals for Meat Drives Wildlife to Extinction • Mirror Daily

Humans hunting animals is a necessity for some, and a luxury for others.

(Mirror Daily, United States) A new report from wildlife officials accounts for three hundred species being on the verge of extinction. The main reason is a human activity, namely hunting. Moreover, people are not engaged in the action because they lack food. In addition to this, animals’ hunt is, more often than not, illegal.

There are villages in the world where humans hunting animals is a necessity indeed. However, massive poaching and illegal hunting reduce the number of wild animals severely. As a result,  the ecosystems, the populations, and the villagers depending on bushmeat are all affected by the activity.

A new study from specialists was published in the Royal Society Open Science. They warn that the rate of humans hunting animals in the wild is high, and endangers the chances of survival of exactly three hundred and one species. Chimpanzees, hippos, tiger cats, pangolins, bats and bush rats are just a few examples of the wild animals threatened by excessive hunting.

The specialists in charged of the report also used the red list from the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The document allowed them to determine which were the endangered animals which face the greatest risk of extinction. This is how they found that a quarter of the three hundred species are listed as endangered on the official act.

According to the new study, approximately seven percent of land mammals are threatened by human activities, such as hunting. The most affected are primates, with one hundred sixty-eight species which are being hunted by humans. Hoofed animals and marsupials are also among the favorite preys of hunters. Even carnivores such as bears are killed for their meat.

In addition to this, elephants and rhinos are also widely hunted for their ivory tusks and horns. Pangolins are also poached for their scales, which are used for traditional medicine cures.

Previous reports from officials showed that no less than 6m tons of wild animal meat are exploited from the wild every year. The meat doesn’t only go to local markets, but it is also exported abroad. Specialists make a clear difference between people living in the jungle and hunting animals for their primary needs, and the commerce of luxury dishes.

Wildlife experts warn that excessive hunting can only lead to a severe imbalance of the natural ecosystems. Further legal actions must be taken to stop the disturbing process of humans hunting animals for meat at such an abusive rate.

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