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July 2016 was the hottest month in history • Mirror Daily

People trying to escape the heat of July at the seaside

(Mirror Daily, United States) July 2016 really showed us what the dog days mean. If you though the heat was unbearable, and everyone else thought you were exaggerating now you have the scientific proof. Even machines detected the hottest days of the year, as they classified July 2016 as the warmest month in history.

On Monday, August 15, NASA released information on temperature to the public. This showed that the past month was the hottest July ever recorded on Earth. The statistics should serve us as a warning because these high temperatures can only be caused by climate changes and global warming. Unbalance in nature is not something we want to take for granted, especially when it has to do with our life and health.

Although last year was also a record holder in terms of temperature, 2016 surpassed both expectations and previous records. This evidence of the temperature has been held for decades, and July 2016 seems to be the ultimate champion of high temperatures.

The measurements imply both water temperature and the temperature on land. The results show that July 2016 was 0.84C hotter than in the past years, and 0.11 hotter than July 2015.

2016 came with its dose of high temperature each month, as the NASA data shows. Every month of the year was a record holder of high temperature if compared to those in past years. Nevertheless, July has naturally taken the crown for it. From now on, temperatures are expected to drop, as summer is coming to an end, and we enter the autumn months.

2014 and 2015 have also been record holders in terms of heat waves and alarming rising temperatures, but the following year always dethroned the previous, and now this is what happened with 2016.

Renew Economy reports on the statistics of recent hottest and coldest years:

“Of the 15 hottest years on record, 14 have occurred in the 21st century, but the last record-cold year was in 1911.”

Specialists blame El Niño for the heat wave, but they also admit that man’s activity damages the natural balance much more than any natural phenomena. People and scientists alike should think of proper measures that we could apply in order to live a healthy, risk-free life on our planet, and reduce as much as possible the risks of endangering the natural environment.

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