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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Receives a DLC • Mirror Daily

Nintendo release a DLC for the popular game Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Nintendo hit the market with a great title which received a lot of acclaim – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If this was not enough, they announced the release of The Cave of Trials, a special DLC bound to appear during summer 2017. For only $20, players will enjoy a story expansion, a new dungeon, any many more challenges.

At the beginning, players will not benefit from all features of the DLC. However, the Great Plateau will offer them three treasure chests. Nintendo did not reveal exactly what they contain, but the items will come in useful.

The DLC brings new items and challenges

The big challenge of the game will be the Trial of the Sword, where Link will have to begin the confrontation with the enemies with no weapons or armor. Only then will he be allowed to move on to the next room. Overall, the player has to complete 45 rooms to receive the Master Sword, a weapon which will continuously glow until the final challenge.

So far, the Legend of Zelda games have had an interesting evolution in difficulty. Nintendo tended to make the games easier over time, but now they decided to add a hard mode in Breath of the Wild. They think that this would prompt players to replay this mode after completing the game the regular way. Also, they introduced new challenges and tougher enemies which do not occur during the normal difficulty mode.

Breath of the Wild also features an update

Nintendo also thought about those who would not purchase the DLC. Thus, you can enjoy new content only by downloading the newest Breath of the Wild version. If you want to listen to Link and Zelda talking in Japanese, Russian, or many other languages, make sure you download version 1.2.0.

Although many game manufacturers choose to provide DLCs for their games, users are not so happy about it. They resort to such methods as it is easier to distribute additional content through downloads, but previous Nintendo attempts at DLCs ended up with losses on their side.
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