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Lend An Ear To World’s Most Expensive Headphones • Mirror Daily

The original Orpheus headphones

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Orpheus headgear makes a grandiose return, so lend an ear to world’s most expensive headphones, because they cost a whopping $50 000.

We’re talking about Sennheiser’s Orpheus headphones, which they claim are the best in the world. So, let’s see a few technical details to understand if their claim is backed up. The sound is supposed to be extremely clear, as Orpheus uses a very thin sheet of film, which means there are no problems with resonance.

As far as the sound amplifier goes, the producing company states that they used a tube amplifier, which means superior impulse processing and they added it to a transistor amplifier, which accounts for the low level of distortion these headphones assure.

Surely enough, they were not made to be carried around. This means their design doesn’t really allow you to take them anywhere, which is a shame, because for $50 000 maybe you would have wanted to show them off. They are actually made for the inside and, possibly just for staying on the shelf.

The original Orpheus headphones had a wood, metal and glass amplifier, and you used a key to turn them on and warm up the vacuum tubes. The new ones have the same kind of tubes, and a marble piece which is supposed to reduce structure noise down to a minimum.

The sound itself is rendered via a platinum-vaporized diaphragm, which you can find between the two gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes. This diagram the Orpheus headphones possess is only 2.4 microns thick. It being so incredibly thin means the people over at Sennheiser managed to solve a problem most electrostatic headphones have – power being lost in the cable. Yes, you’ll see none of that nonsense in these new $50 000 whoppers.

Also, the producers spiced things up a bit by introducing some jazzy features to the headphones, which will reduce the possibility of your wife yelling at you for spending this much money on some headphones. For example, when you push the on-off button, the vacuum tubes and the controls of the set come out from the marble base and the glass cover that protects the whole thing opens up, so that you can have easy access to your headphones. But dear, look, the case opens up!!!

Of course everybody has been hyped since learning the news, especially about trying these magnificent beasts that cost more than a car.

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