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Missouri Woman Tore Off Cheating Husband’s Genitals • Mirror Daily

A 43-year-old woman from Missouri was arrested after she tore off her husband’s genital.

A 43-year-old woman from St. Louis, Missouri was recently arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter, aggravated domestic abuse, and drug possession. According to the authorities, the St. Louis woman, identified as Christina Palmer Anderson, castrated her husband, whom she believed had cheated on her with the couple’s crystal meth dealer. The man was rushed to the hospital where the doctors needed to induce a coma to preserve the man’s vital functions.

Missouri Woman Punishes her Husband for His Alleged Infidelity

Christina Palmer Anderson has been taken into custody after she severed the husband’s genitals using her teeth. The mind-boggling story of how Anderson’s husband was placed in an induced coma, began several days ago, the couple’s St. Louis home.

Palmer Anderson, whom the authorities described as a heavy crystal meth user, learned that her husband cheated on her with her crystal meth dealer. According to the woman’s statements, while returning home from the weekend, Palmer Anderson saw her husband having sexual relations with her crystal meth dealer.

That’s the moment Anderson realized that she had to punish her husband in an exemplary manner, and what better way to do it that to take away his manhood. The Missouri woman told the investigators that, prior to the event, she spent quite a lot of time sharpening her teeth using a nail file, because she felt like this thing must happen fast.

And so, the woman waited for her husband to return home and told him to go and wait for her in the bedroom. Palmer Anderson tied her husband to the bed and told him that it is part of a sexual game she devised.

Anderson Sharpened Her Teeth With a Nail File

While immobilized, the enraged and scorned woman tore off her husband’s genitals and left him lying on the bed, in a pool of blood. After committing the gruesome deed, the woman went to another area of the house in order to smoke some crystal meth.

The man managed to break free of his restraints and to call the authorities before passing out. According to the St. Louis Police Department, when the paramedics, firefighters, and police officers arrived at the scene, they’ve found the man passed out on the blood-stained bed and the woman smoking meth in the living room.

Furthermore, when asked about the deed, Palmer Anderson seemed very proud of what she’s done, and kept repeating how she emasculated her husband because the man cheated on her. The individual was taken to the hospital where the doctors induced a coma in order to preserve his vital function.

Presently, the man is in a stable condition, but the doctors said that he would need plenty of reconstructive surgery.

Image source: Wikipedia

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