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Sleeping Too much or Too Little Increases Risk of Heart Disease • Mirror Daily

Some night we sleep too little and we wake up – understandably – tired. Other nights, in spite of the 9 plus hours of sleep, tiredness doesn’t seem to go away. But more than anything else, not getting a regular amount of sleep each night messes with the risk of heart diseases.

South-Korean researchers have observed more than 47,000 young and middle-aged adults, and discovered that two specific risk factors for heart disease: hardening of the arteries and elevated levels of calcium in arterial wall.

These symptoms were found in both men and women who either slept over nine a night – the “long sleepers” – or less than five hours, the “short sleepers,” as reported in the journal American Heart Association.

A survey among the participants resulted in a 6.4 hours of average sleep per night, while 84 percent of the subjects have rated their sleep quality to be “good.” Researchers reported that higher content of calcium in the coronary arteries was a risk factor observed in both short and long sleepers.

Study author Dr. Chan-Won Kim of the Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine in Seoul said that calcium buildup in the coronary arteries was measured by computerized tomography scan, offering a good reflection of how likely coronary atherosclerosis is to affect the heart.

According to Yoosoo Chang, a co-author from the Kanbuk Samsun Hospital, similar patterns were visible when testing the stiffness of the arteries in adults who have a regular poor sleep, when compared with participants reporting quality sleep lasting about seven hours each night.

Moreover, the results add to previous studies that offer a gloomy health prediction for people getting less than six hours of sleep per night: obesity risk and suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and high levels of cholesterol are all more likely to happen.

Even though the researchers have presented a link between poor sleep and heart disease, rather than a cause and effect relationship, the findings highlight the importance of making sure each night comes with quality sleep.
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