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SpaceX Prepares for a Launch This Afternoon • Mirror Daily

SpaceX will launch its Falcon 9 reusable spacecraft this afternoon in Florida.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – After delaying the flight two times, SpaceX prepares for a launch this afternoon. Elon Musk’s space company will try to launch its Falcon 9 spacecraft so that it can deliver an SES-9 communication satellite.

SpaceX is actively trying to launch rockets into space and bring them back down safely. They are also attempting to create a landing system that keeps the rocket intact.

In the present moment, the engineers and technicians of the company are trying to land the rocket on a floating sea platform. When they will perfect the landing they will move to ground tests.

Earlier this year SpaceX tested a landing system based on specially-designed parachutes. The test was successful, but additional experiments and evaluations must be made before the Falcon 9 is equipped with the landing system.

Last week, Musk’s company tried to launch its reusable rocket in order to place an SES-9 communication satellite into orbit.

The satellite is meant to provide internet, mobile, and television services to roughly 20 Southeast Asian countries.

The first launch was delayed due to bad wheatear. The unfriendly meteorological conditions were not compatible with the launch, so they postponed it for Thursday.

But Thursday was a bad day for science, as the genius cartoon character would put it. Even though the wheatear was great, ideal actually for a launching, the decision to ground the rocket until further notice was taken minutes before the countdown.

According to the company, the launching team discovered that there were several problems with the loading of the liquid fuel needed to power up the rocket.

But three is a lucky number, the weather is great, the scientists are all rested up so maybe today will be the day that satellite is put into position.

SpaceX and SES have announced via Twitter that the launch will take place today, Sunday, the 28th of February at 6:46 PM. The rocket will leave from the Air Force Cape Canaveral Station in Florida.

But since any respectable company has a backup plan for the second backup plan, there is another launch scheduled for Monday. Just in case, something goes wrong with the one scheduled for later today.

As SpaceX prepares for a launch this afternoon, billions of people in Southeast Asia are waiting for a proper internet, mobile and television service.

SpaceX is co-owned by engineer, economist, and millionaire Elon Musk. The charismatic inventor has been named the real-life Tony Stark that the planet needed.

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