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Special Flu Vaccines for the Elderly • Mirror Daily

Senior patients can receive special flu vaccines.

(Mirror Daily, United States) There is a lot of debate on the pros and cons of flu vaccines. However, there are two special flu vaccines which address the elderly. So doctors recommend to them either Fluzone High-Dose or FLUAD vaccine. They say that both of them are extremely efficient when it comes to improving the immune system.

These special vaccines can be used mainly by people aged at least sixty-five. The vaccines were created to satisfy the heath needs of senior patients. This year, they have two options to chose from, as FLUAD vaccine has been recently introduced.

FLUAD vaccine was specially created for patients aged more than sixty-five. Its formula is meant to fortify the weak immune system of patients and help them fight against influenza and its potential complications. However, patients should know that, before receiving the vaccine, they must tell their doctor about their medical history and their allergies.

This vaccine is available starting this year. There are also side effects about it, like headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue, among others.

The Fluzone High-Dose has been around for six years now, as it was first introduced back in 2010. It also provides patients with improved immune system. The higher protection offers them a new shield against viruses during the cold season.

According to high health authorities, such as the CDC, there are two hundred thousand patients who require hospitalization because of the flu every year. Complications can even lead to the death of the patients. Statistics also show that twenty-four thousand cases are lethal. However, the most affected are the elderly, as eighty or ninety percent of them die because of complications with influenza.

Apart from the special flu vaccines, senior patients can also choose other means of protecting themselves against viruses in the cold season. They can choose the standard vaccine or a shot which is efficient against four different types of infections.

There are also special flu vaccines for people who have allergies, such as egg allergies. The FLUAD vaccine and the Fluzone High-Dose are not recommended for them. However, health specialists also advise senior patients to get their shots against pneumonia. Approximately one million people are diagnosed with the disease in the United States every year. Out of them, about fifty thousand cases are lethal.

The cold season can be quite dangerous for people’s health if they don’t protect themselves. Doctors recommend senior patients, adults, and children alike to get their flu vaccines. Have you already got yours?

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