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Steam Is Getting 100 Classic Atari Games

Some classic Atari games are coming back

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The good ol’ arcade is making a comeback into the digital world, and Steam is getting 100 classic Atari games in one major pack titled “Atari Vault”. It will be the chance to replay very, very old games that some of us have indulged in as children. And it’s a good reminder on how much gaming has changed.

There was once a time when Atari was the biggest name in gaming. That was a very long while ago, when titans such as PlayStation and Xbox were not even near to existing. For many gamers today who are young adults, at the least, it was likely the first platform to ever pass in our hands and introduce us to video games. Now, all those classics will be brought on today’s biggest service, Steam.

Developed by Code Mystics, the Atari Vault will boast as many as 100 video games. Among the list of oldies but goldies will be Asteroids, Warlords, Tempest, Centipede, Missile Command, and many others. Not all titles have been confirmed, but plenty more will be included in the pack. If you’ve played it in the past though, it’s likely to be there.

It’s certainly not the first compilation we’ve seen from Atari, but it’s the largest one. So, get ready to game like it’s 1979.

According to the development team, everything that we loved about the games will remain the same. The graphics, the classic soundtrack, and gameplay will be the familiar experience we have seen through our childhood. What will change is the platform, with both the PC and Xbox One confirmed as compatible. No matter in which direction you were steered in for gaming, it will become available. And nostalgia would likely follow.

The Atari Vault, however, will include a modern twist. Things such as leaderboards and multiplayer capabilities, when available, will be part of the deal. As claimed in the company’s statement, players will be able to challenge each other on Steam and “compete for arcade supremacy”. All of this while enjoying the pixeled graphics of old and the original soundtrack.

So, Code Mystics is not only bringing us 100 games adapted to modern platforms. They are also making an effort to include them in today’s gaming. Even the Steam Controller will be a part of it, with improved precision control among the other improved features. The interface will also likely get a bit of a remodel to fit with today’s platforms. The rest is all the 80s could offer.

The Atari Vault pack will launch at some point in spring of this year. Only a handful of titles have been announced and no price, but more information should be released soon enough.

Among the numerous titles that are coming out this year, including highly anticipated No Man’s Sky, Horizon: Zero Dawn or Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, it remains to be seen how the classics will fare in competition. Gamers might want a glimpse in the past and short return to their roots.

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