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The Boyfriend of Zuzu Verk Arrested for Tampering with Evidence • Mirror Daily

Alpine’s police official declared that the boyfriend of Zuzu Verk has been arrested.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Alpine’s police official declared on Saturday morning, via a Facebook post, that Robert Fabian, the 26-year-old boyfriend of Zuzu Verk, has been arrested in connection with the woman’s disappearance in October 2016.

Fabian has been charged with fabricating physical evidence and concealing a human body. The man was arrested a day after the authorities uncovered a shallow grave near Fabian’s Alpine residence.
On Friday, investigators uncovered what seemed to be a shallow grave in an Alpine area called Sunny Glenn.

According to the authorities, after digging up the site, they discovered a body in an advanced stage of decomposition. They’ve also declared that some the objects recovered from the makeshift grave indicate that the body might belong to 22-year-old Zuzu Verk, the young woman whom Fabian reported missing back in October. According to Fabian’s testimony, back in 2016, the man contacted the authorities, after not seeing Zuzu Werk for a couple of days. Although the law enforcement officers took Fabian’s testimony into account, they’ve continued to monitor the man’s movement. Fabian’s arrest came as a shock to his friends and family, who do not understand why the man is taken into custody considering that the body recovered from the West Texas shallow grave has not been identified. Jocelin Carrillo, Fabian’s sister, is the one who spearheads the man’s defense. Carrillo declared that right from the start, her brother had been considered a suspect, although there was no evidence to indicate that Fabian murdered and concealed Zuzu Verk’s body. However, the Alpine police officials believe that Fabian is far from being innocent. When asked about the reason they’ve made this arrest, the police declared that Fabian supplied false evidence. More specifically, some of the clues found in the West Texas shallow grave do no match Mr. Fabian’s testimony. Since the body has not yet been identified, the man was charged only with providing false physical evidence. It’s not yet clear if the man will also be charged with first-degree murder, taking into account that the authorities did not find any conclusive evidence which confirms that Fabian murdered Zuzu Verk. Serving a search warrant, the Alpine police officials searched the man’s house from top to bottom, but they did not find any incriminating evidence.

At the moment, the authorities are waiting for the coroner to identify the decomposing body found in the West Texas grave.

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