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Ticks Infest the Country Spreading Lyme Disease

Ticks spread Lyme disease and they seem to grow in numbers

(Mirror Daily, United States) – These are not anyone’s favorite insect but now they are terrifying Americans as ticks infest the country spreading Lyme disease.

Black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks carry the Lyme disease which includes symptoms such as fever, or fatigue and muscle aches. Therefore, if you get bitten by a tick you should know that an indicator of transmission is a rash appearing where the bite is. If it’s not treated, the disease can spread to the heart, the joints and the nervous system.

The insects have been long part of our lives, but now they seem to be expanding their population and consequently their territory, meaning that people should be even more careful than before about the tiny ticks. The state with the most concerning number of disease-spreading ticks is Minnesota.

From 1996 to 2005, there were 464 case of Lyme in Minnesota. From 2006 to 2014 there were 1,065 reported cases. Therefore, it must mean that the insects are growing in population and are more dangerous. But the problem is not only in Minnesota. Last year, 49 percent of the counties in 43 states have reported a massive presence of ticks. That’s almost half of the U.S.

Monitoring the spread of ticks is almost equivalent to monitoring the spread of the disease. If the ticks move, Lyme moves and therefore affects more people in more regions of the country. Trying to get rid of the ticks would probably mean affecting plants and other environmental factors so researchers are still working on that. Until then, they are keeping their eyes on the trajectory of the ticks and on how many they are.

If you know you’re in an area infested by ticks you should make sure your skin is covered, especially your legs, as ticks can jump and bite into your leg. Therefore, a layer of clothing should protect you. You can also find repellent sprays to buy that should also protect you from the disease spreading insects.

However, if you do get bitten, make sure you consult a doctor especially if a rash appears on the bite as you may have been infested with Lyme.

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