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Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe this Christmas • Mirror Daily

Have a happy and safe Christmas along with your family, friends, and pets.

It’s that time of the year again. With Christmas around the corner, everyone’s busy buying gifts or doing some last-minute shopping. The spirit of Christmas is all about sharing, giving, and spending some quality time with your loved ones. Pets are no exception.

During this busy time of the year, pet owners tend to forget that their companions also deserve special attention, and we’re not talking here about gifts. Sadly, each year, come Christmas, the vet’s services are as popular as a shopping mall, due to house-related injuries.

To spare you a painful and unnecessary trip to the vet, we have created a list of useful pet safety tips. So, kick back, relax, read, and enjoy your Christmas respite with your friends, family, and, of course, your companion.

1. Christmas decorations and pets don’t go well together

Pets are cute, and they’re even cuter when wrapped around in tinsel or playing around with Christmas decorations. However, please pay close attention when your pet plays with decorations since the risk of choking is quite high.

Another good thing to keep in mind is how you arrange your Christmas tree. Decorations made from glass can be quite dangerous if they are in high places. One good nudge and it’s bye-bye glass Christmas decorations.

Shattered objects can severely injure your pets if they hit them or if they walk on them. So, it would be a good idea to place these decorations near the tree’s base, instead of the top.

2. Learn to say ‘no’ to human food

As pet owners, we know that it’s hard sometimes to say ‘no’ to the little beggar, especially when we see those round and big eyes. However, if you wish to save your pet from gastrointestinal distress, and even food poisoning, please refrain from giving them scraps from your table.

In addition, keep in mind that sweets, especially chocolate, are toxic to cats and dogs.

3. Offer them a safe place

During Christmas, your house will probably be filled with tons of guests. While some pets have no problems mingling with strangers, most of them are pretty freaked out and to seek refuge.

If you have a dog, then you should provide him with a quiet room to sit until the party is over. For cats, a high, dark, and quiet place is more adequate – think about buying a cat tree from your local pet store.

4. Ask your guests to leave your pet alone

If you know that your pet is scared of strangers, then you should definitely ask your guests to leave them be.

5. Give him a small gift

Christmas is all about giving and sharing, so why should your pet be excluded. Check out your local pet shop for a gift idea, wrap it in a bubbly wrap, and place it under the Christmas tree.

Image source: Flickr

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