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Verizon Is Testing 5G Wireless Network • Mirror Daily

Verizon will introduce 5G in 2020.

4G LTE is the strongest network at present, but mobile carriers think they can do better than this. Verizon is testing 5G wireless network to improve internet connectivity on mobile devices. However, the new network will not only be available on smartphones, but also on Internet of Things devices.

Asia, Europe and North America are working to completely revolutionize mobile Internet connections. Verizon is one of the first mobile carriers to provide them the technological support they need to make their objectives real. The company has recently announced that they will being testing the 5G network in the following year.

Interested customers will have to wait a little bit longer until they can finally get their hands on the super-fast network. 5G will not be available until 2020, in spite of the current field tests conducted in Japan and South Korea.

Engineers have explained that the advent of new and highly advanced technology will soon render available technologies outdated. 5G, on the other hand, will be 50 times faster than available networks and it will be compatible with many more devices. All this will be possible due to the millimeter-wave frequencies that will be crossing the network.

The network upgrade will be the result of conjoined efforts that various tech giants are making. Verizon has coopted Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco and Qualcomm, which will all take part in the trial period.

Two main centers will be constructed in San Francisco and Massachusetts where 5G network will be tested, Verizon has added. These ‘sandbox labs’ will function as centers where mobile vendors will work to create new 5G components.

The U.S. mobile carrier has used the same strategy in 2010 when the 4G network was introduced. 10 ‘sandbox labs’ were created back then in the vicinity of Boston, which enabled vendor partners to test their new technology.

Verizon has concluded by saying that many more news will be published as soon as the trial period will begin. Until then, we will resume ourselves at making hypotheses in relation to the improvements that 5G could bring on smartphone and IoT technology.

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