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Woman Outraged After Finding Beef Teeth in Her Barbacoa Taco • Mirror Daily

While a barbacoa taco at a Mexican diner, a woman found a piece of meat with teeth.

As shocking as it would might sound, a woman from Texas found several teeth in a barbacoa taco she ordered at a Mexican restaurant. Naturally, the woman took a picture of the nausea-inducing piece of meat and posted it on her Facebook account. The Mexican locale’s spokesperson explained that the mystery meat she found in her taco is actually a pair of beef lips.

Courtney Aguilar was a regular customer of the El Rincon, a Mexican restaurant in Texas whose specialty is the barbacoa taco. During one of her visits to the El Rincon, the woman discovered that her taco had a most unusual shape. Upon taking a closer look, Aguilar found a big chunk of meat with several teeth still clinging to it.

Disgusted by the reviling piece of flesh sticking out of her barbacoa taco, the woman took a picture of it and uploaded her discovery on her Facebook account. Of course, the picture was also accompanied by a lengthy description in which Aguilar told her followers that she is never going to eat at the El Rincon.

As expected, most of the Facebook users who commented on the post stood by Aguilar’s side, saying that it’s indeed disgusting and that they will steer clear of the restaurant. However, there were those who defended the El Rincon, including one user who told Aguilar to stop complaining about her food since the presence of the beef teeth clearly indicates that the dish is made with real beef and not a poor substitute.

It was not long before one the restaurant’s spokespersons made a statement about the mysterious piece of meat Aguilar discovered in her barbacoa taco. According to the spokesperson’s statement, the piece of meat is actually beef lips. Furthermore, it would seem that the mix-up was caused by the El Rincon’s meat provider who did not separate the meat properly.

On behalf of the restaurant, the spokesperson apologized for Aguilar’s bad experience and informed the restaurant customer’s that the contract with the vendor has been terminated. Subsequently, El Rincon is now looking for a new meat provider in order to prepare its famous barbacoa taco.

As a result, the house’s specialty will not be served until a new supply chain is established. Aguilar’s post was seen and shared by more than 2,000 people, many of them saying that even in a case of a supply mix-up, there was no way that the server could have not noticed a bit chunk of meat with teeth.

Image source: Wikipedia

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