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Woman Sues Police after They Compared Her Abduction with Movie • Mirror Daily

The protagonist of the movie frames her own kidnapping to get revenge on her cheating husband.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A Californian woman and her boyfriend are suing the police after her abduction was compared to the events of the Gone Girl movie. The two claim that the act of the officers shamed them in such a manner, that they felt obligated to move.

Sometimes art imitates life, other times it’s the other way around. A Californian woman sues police after they compared her abduction with movie. Denise Huskins is claiming that two officers from the Vallejo police are responsible for an emotional trauma that surpassed that of her abduction.

Last March Huskins went missing only to be found three days later at her childhood house where she was supposedly dropped off by her kidnappers who suffered a sudden change of heart a couple of hours before the ransom was due.

Moreover, during the days in which she went missing, the police took Aaron Quinn, her boyfriend, in for questioning because he took the time to report the kidnapping rather than running after the perpetrators. According to both their stories, some unknown individuals broke into their home and kidnapped the woman.

Furthermore, while they held Quinn at the station for questioning, the police officers put his phone on “airplane mode.” This denied him the opportunity of speaking with the kidnappers and negotiating a ransom.

The couple is suing the police department and Vallejo city for emotional distress infliction and defamation. The damages they are seeking were left unspecified.

It seems that the entire ordeal started not when the woman was taken away from her home by strange men and then abandoned at her childhood home in Huntington Beach, three days later, but after. Huskins went through severe emotional trauma because of the police officers who jokingly compared her disappearance with the plot of the Gone Girl movie.

In the Oscar-nominated motion picture, the main character stages her own kidnapping in order to frame her husband. She was also planning on committing suicide so that her husband would end up in jail. But after murdering her long-time admirer, she decides to come back home, claiming that she managed to escape her kidnappers.

But even though Huskins is suing both the town and the police department, the officers already arrested a suspect in her kidnapping case. Mathew Muller, an attorney, is believed to be linked to multiple crimes, including the disappearance of Huskins.

Image source: YouTube

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