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11 500 Year Old Children Prove There Is A Link Between Alaskans And Native Americans • Mirror Daily

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Secrets beyond the tomb are revealed, as 11 500 year old children prove there is a link between Alaskans and Native Americans.

The University of Utah made an important discovery these past few days, when they unearthed a very old tomb, dating back 11 500 years. In it they found the remnants of two infants, of distinct mothers, but that shared DNA material, linked to the American Natives.

This means that both North American and South American Indians, because the children come from both branches, can trace back their roots towards the Alaskans. Going even deeper into the fabric of science and time, this means that, when they first traveled across the Bering Strait, they lingered for a while in Alaska, after which they went on to populate the continent.

Thusly, it would appear as if Native Americans first came from Asia to America via the Bering Strait. This also means that they are the successors of a Mongoloid race that traveled across the world, through Siberia and Alaska, spent a haunting 10 000 years in the Bering zone and only after that came along into America.

This all happened some 15 000 years ago. The bodies found by archeologists are two of their children, the earliest examples of human life in North America. This discovery is also important not only because it shows that Native Americans and Alaskans are related, but because it proves that Native Americans originally come from Asia.

The remains are those of a 6 to 12 week old baby and that of a stillborn or 30 week fetus. They have been buried together, in fetal position, face to face, along with a stone cutting tool and animal antlers with spear points. The bones of the children are hardy and this has allowed the DNA from the maternal side to resist through so many thousands of years.

The archeologists are indeed puzzled as to why the infants were buried together, because they are not related by blood nor by their North American lineage. This has two explanations. Either they were indeed brothers, but shared a father, not a mother or, the more interesting one, ceremonial and social patterns. The latter would bring a whole new light on what we knew about early humans, the societies they formed and their rituals.

The reason why the Native Americans started traveling 15 000 years ago was that the ice age at that time was ending. The glaciers had begun to melt, ice was turning into water all over the place, the climate was getting warmer and travel was a lot easier.

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