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2 students injured in shooting outside of Maryland high school • Mirror Daily

Two students have received gun shot outside a public school in Maryland on Wednesday night during the course of a basket ball match. The shooting sent viewers scurrying for cover as distraught parents rushed to the scene to make sure there wards were safe and healthy.

Frederick Police Capt. Richard Hetherington said that the injured Frederick High School students were flown to a hospital in Baltimore with injuries which are not life threatening. He was not aware of the age of the students but warned that the shooters are still at large.

Capt. Richards said the motives of the shooters are not clear but an investigation is on to identify the shooters.

The Frederick County public schools spokesman Michael Doerrer said that two junior varsity basket ball games were going on when the shooting started.

Hetherington said that the students were being released to their parents in a parking lot of a nearby bowling alley. Meanwhile officers took 200 people at the game to a nearby school cafeteria and secured the whole building.

A few minutes before midnight, a school bus and a Police van pulled into the lot and released a dozen students. The students were received by their worried parents who were relieved to see their wards unharmed.

Frederick High School junior Sofia McCluskey said she was watching the game and heard a muffled shot. “Someone yelled, ‘Yo, they’re shooting,’” she said. “And we just ran as fast as we could.”

Sofia and her friend, Stephanie Sanchez ran to the locker room and was taken to the cafeteria, where they waited and were briefly interviewed by police. Sofia said that it was a terrifying moment and she was shaking in fear all the time.

Meanwhile Frederick County Public Schools officials tweeted that the staff and students were healthy, safe and accounted for.

Frederick High School is located on the city’s west side and has about 1,300 students. The school district informed that the school would be closed Thursday for students.

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