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2-Year-Old Regained Sight and Hearing after Surgery • Mirror Daily

Premature glaucoma can leave a child completely or partially blind.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Whoever said miracles are impossible has never seen what a gifted surgeon can do. Luckily, the United States is not in short supply of these amazing miracle workers. Thanks to Alana Grajewski, one of these individuals with miraculous healing powers, a 2-year-old regained sight and hearing after surgery.

Nicolly Pereira was born with a terrible condition that left her blind. Pediatric glaucoma usually leaves a child partially blind, the toddler being able to distinguish some shapes, or at least light from dark, but Nicolly didn’t.

Apart from the fact that she wasn’t able to see anything, the little Brazilian girl was also deaf. The problem she had with her inner ears caused her to lose her balance. The toddler was not speaking, hearing, seeing, or walking, even though she was two years old. She could only crawl.

Her mother was trying to raise money for her treatment, so she created a Facebook post, describing all her daughter’s health problems. The mother hoped to bring the baby in the US to be treated because the Brazilian doctors declared her case hopeless.

Luckily, a Miami resident stumbled upon the viral post and contacted the Wonderfund (the International Fund for Kids of the Jackson Health Foundation). A collaboration with the Foundation of Kevin Garcia allowed the institution to raise more than $17,000 for the child’s treatment.

This was the moment when Dr. Grajewski came to the scene. The miracle worker spent almost three and a half hours working on the girl’s eyes, but the 2-year-old regained sight and hearing after surgery.

It appears that her sense of hearing was not completely lost. The doctors discovered that both her inner ears were filled with water. This is also what caused her complete lack of balance.

Now, even though she will have to wear glasses for the rest of her life, Pereira is now able to see, hear, and walk. The girl is near-sighted and will never manage to fully correct her vision, but at least she is able to talk to her mother, see her, and run towards her.

According to Dr. Grajewski, the moment in which the little girl first saw her mother was real emotional. It seems that the second in which little Nicolly realized that the woman holding her was her mother, she immediately started smiling and hugging her.

In order to believe in miracles, all you have to do is believe in the capabilities of doctors. Because sometimes, as in Pereira’s case, they actually are miracle workers.

Image source: Pixabay

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