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20 New Business Apps for Apple Watch, Courtesy of Salesforce

Apple Watch is now setting its aim toward business uses.

It’s the never-ending story of what was supposed to be a successful gadget, but failed, and the company is not giving up as they introduce 20 new business apps for Apple Watch, courtesy of Salesforce. Sales for the high-tech and high-end luxury wrist accessory have been going down and it’s reportedly considered a failure for the company.

And all that is in spite of the fact that Apple reported their Apple Watch to have seen a better release day than their iPad and it’s still beating out its competition in spite of a quite steep price. The next generation of the gadget is now on its way, and it’s promising to feature more functionality for enterprises.

The twenty new apps have been developed by third party companies, all partners of Salesforce, that have been pulling in their resources to create beneficial, profitable and time-saving pieces of software to be added to the Apple Watch. It seems like an unfavorable idea to conduct business on the tiny screen instead of using your phone, but a quick glance at your wrist will certainly be quicker. And hands-free.

On August 11th, three of the twenty new apps have been unveiled for the public’s viewing by three different third party companies interested in developing applications for the future generation of Apple Watch.

ClickSoftware has shown an app that could be used by on-field technicians to quickly announce when certain repairmen are done with one task and when they’re headed to the next location with just one tap on the screen. It would cut down the time spent communicating through calls or texts.

BracketLabs focused on the importance of task management, by allowing a manager to see a list of tasks to be done, to ascertain their status or know when they’re overdue  and completed by one single tap on the Apple Watch screen, though it does require the company to be in use of Salesforce cloud accounts.

Vlocity has provided a demo in which their app was used to notify customers or potential clients waiting in the lobby that the meeting may start, to check status of sales or send customers their bills, all nicely color-coded for an easier use.

It could be a more convenient option for those who are constantly moving and on-the-go, who wish to keep their hands unoccupied while conducting business. The new apps will be performing the small tasks that may just not be worth keeping on your phone and would be much more suitable to the littlest screen of your gadgets.

There are seventeen more apps to be unveiled by Salesforce that seem to attempt a revival of the Apple Watch and perhaps allow it to gain a better image in the eye of critics and users, even though the company seems to insist that their product is not doing as bad as some report.

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