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343 Industries Is Already Teasing A 'Halo 5: Guardians' DLC

Halo 5 will be getting more content.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The buzz hasn’t even faded yet, but 343 Industries is already teasing a ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ DLC that has players excited. Pegged as one of the most anticipated games of the years, the fifth installment of the Halo franchise has not been deemed as a disappointment. Most gamers have praised it, and the sales proved it.

On its launch day, on October 27th, ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ made a whopping and franchise-record-shattering sale of $400 million. It beat out its competition and snatched the title of ‘most sold’ last month. The Xbox One exclusive game defeated many others, such as ‘Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’, ‘FIFA 16’, ‘Destiny: The Taken King’, and ‘NBA 2K16’ for that number one spot.

The only dislike that a majority of the gaming community has voiced out is against their new ranking system. It helps keep matches balanced, though while this is good for hardcore players, more casual gamers have a tougher time. However, it’s a system implemented by many games that can be played competitively online. And that is unlikely to change.

Measures for taking the game up a level in competitive gaming will remain, especially since the prize pool for the “Halo World Championship” has reached an incredible 1.7 million. More will be added though in terms of gameplay.

During the Halo 5 Live Stream, the 2 hour special ended with a bit of a hint of the upcoming DLC, which will include several items. They will range from weapons, armors, skins, maps, and many others that will just add more to the Halo universe. The first update has already rolled out, and more are incoming. Reportedly, many more will be arriving actually.

It seems that 343 Industries is looking to polish the game and provide their gamers with new content frequently in order to keep things fresh and entertaining. The last patch, dubbed ‘The Battle of Shadow and Light’ has already arrived with all kinds of Halo goodness last week. Even more, it brought back the ‘Big Team Battle Mode’, along with several maps aimed at matchmaking.

The upcoming update is expected to arrive at some point in December. The trailer revealed some new weapons and gear, along with Forge Mode. It will allow players to create their own maps that will blend seamlessly into the intricate Halo world.

The popular M41 SSR rocket launcher will also be making a comeback, along with the Mark IV helmet that will be familiar with those who have played past installments. The new content will just further boost the Halo franchise, add more, and arrive with several fixes to ensure smooth gameplay.

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