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6 Things You Might Not Know About Facebook • Mirror Daily

Facebook has quickly grown to become a huge part of our lives. Chances are you visit their webpage multiple times a day, even when you’re supposed to be working instead. But how much do you know about what lies behind the world’s biggest social network?

Besides the (somewhat twisted) information presented in Jesse Eisenberg’s movie The Social Network, there are plenty of other things you might not know about the social service that keeps on growing and reaching larger user milestones.

Despite its modest dorm-room beginning, Facebook’s first face presented to the online word was no other than the highly-recognizable face of Al Pacino. The network’s early logo was a face of the actor covered in 1s and 0s, joined by tag line that (sadly) didn’t catch on: ‘Say hello to my little (Facebook) friend’.

At the ripe age of 31, Zuckerberg is making the kind of money most of us just dream about. Every 60 minutes, Facebook’s already deep pockets get even deeper, as another $1.8 million comes in advertising revenues.

In this tech era, it’s not news that we’re becoming increasingly connected. With more than 20,000 people on Facebook at the same time every second, and 7,246 new users joining the site each day, the sheer number of friend requests dropped left and right is surely a sign of that phenomenon.

Facebook’s darker side – it’s not all cat videos – has more ominous news to impart. According to a Divorce-Online study, more than one in 3 UK divorces has Facebook listed under ‘contributing factors’. Besides all the ex-stalking that takes place, people are also considering divorce simply because of their spouse’s Facebook posts.

The largest user base among social networks – that’s something Zuckerberg’s platform can proudly boast with. The milestone of 1 billion active users in a single day has also been announced this month on August 24.

According to team Zuckerberg, LOL – the universal sign of Laughing Out Loud – has been replaced in social prominence by another favorite of the current usership: haha. Not only has LOL lost its crown and happiness, but it has also been overtaken in popularity by plenty of emoji that express enjoyment – the tongue-out smiley, the winky face, and (weirdly) the happy poo.

Image Source: Techtrux

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