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800000 Americans Came Out on Facebook Last Year • Mirror Daily

Social networks are the perfect choice for visibility.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Statistics indicate that 800000 Americans came out on Facebook last year. This sudden decision to overtly show one’s sexuality and gender preferences seems to have a lot to do with the Supreme Court’s decision to acknowledge same-sex marriages, statisticians have stated.

The newly discovered data was published by employees at the Facebook Research and Data Division to show the increasing number of gay users who have agreed to come out in the past year. Figures indicate that approximately 800000 members have used the social network as a means of expressing their sexual preferences.

Currently, there are approximately 6 million users, who have admitted to be a member of the gay community, but the biggest spike was registered last year, according to Facebook. Figures indicate that the biggest spike was registered right after the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriages.

Similar values were registered during the World AIDS Day on December 1st 2014, statisticians have added. It is, however, important to notice that the Supreme Court’s decision has inspired gay users all over the world to openly face their sexuality.

To eliminate all biases and flaws, researchers have taken only certain aspects into consideration. They have labeled coming out of the closet as one user’s decision to update its Facebook profile so as to recognize same-gender attraction. Investigators have noticed a 250% surge among these users, an unprecedented value if we were to compare it with previous years.

Jay Brown, the director of the institution, has explained that Facebook decided to make this data public because they thought visibility will help the LGBT community. Social networks are the perfect tools to obtain visibility or support for specific causes and Facebook thinks the recent reports represent a clear proof in this sense.

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