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9 Years Old Child Found Driving in Wisconsin

Both the mother and her boyfriend were in the car in a sever state of alcohol intoxication.

(Mirror Daily, Unites States) – The case of the 9 years old child found driving in Wisconsin has stunned the entire United States. A careless mother and her boyfriend were severely intoxicated when they decided to let their 9 years old daughter to drive their pick-up to a local boat show. An eleven months baby was also in the vehicle, strapped to his seat.

A 911 call to the local police department complained about a pick-up truck that was driving erratically on the rural roads of Wisconsin. Because the rural roads in Wisconsin are still snowy, the police were severely concerned about the safety of the supposed inebriated driver and that of the citizens of the county.

The police officers of Polk County, Wisconsin, didn’t need much time in order to track down the pick-up truck that was described by the 911 caller. According to KMSP, a local news station that is affiliated with Fox, the vehicle in question was parked outside a public event, more particularly a boat launch.

But Jeff Hahn, the deputy that took the case, would end up seeing not a drunk driver, as he was suspecting, but two adult drunk passengers and an 11 months baby in a car driven by a 9 years old girl.

The girls seemed pretty frightened, and the baby was strapped into the car seat, without being in a special transportation unit for toddlers.

The two inebriated passengers were Amanda Eggert, the children’s mother, and Jason Roth the boyfriend of the above-mentioned mother.

According to the local authorities, they were both submitted to a breathalyzer in order for the police to determine their exact state of inebriation. When they came back, Roth results were of a shocking .25. That is above three times the Wisconsin legal limit.

Deputy Hahn testified that when the girl was removed from the vehicle, the engine of the car was still running and the stick was in “drive” position. When Roth turned off the ignition, the car began rolling down the hill backwards. The deputy was forced to jump into the moving vehicle and hit the brakes in order to stop the car.

Amanda Eggert and Jason Roth were both charged with recklessly endangering and child neglect. They both pleaded not-guilty in front of the court last Friday.

KMSP reported that the child actually drove for many miles on the snowy winding roads of Wisconsin and she was spotted multiple times gliding on the traffic lanes.

Until their mother will be sentenced, both children will be accommodated by extended family members. Luckily, in the case of the 9 years old child found driving in Wisconsin nobody was hurt.

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