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A Few Tips About Flesh-Eating Bacteria • Mirror Daily

People should be aware of Vibrio infection.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Many people throughout the United States are afraid of a type of flesh-eating bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus. This type of bacteria thrives in warm, salty waters that have the same salinity as the human body and it is usually present in mouths of rivers, marshes, and bays.

Vibrio infects crabs, oysters, and shrimps because they often feed on what they find in the bottom sand and mud.

People most often get infected with Vibrio after cutting themselves during netting, boating, or fishing. Scientists established that even if swimming in infested waters is highly dangerous, the leading cause of Vibrio infection comes from wade fishing cuts, shellfish spine punctures, and fishhook injuries.

The statistics from the University of Texas Medical Branch showed that between five to ten cases of flesh-eating bacteria infection are reported every year. People might also get infected with other types of marine bacteria, such as Edwardsiella, Shewanella, and Erysipelothrix.

But the most marine viral infections are connected with hepatitis viruses from shellfish and fishing injuries. Experts underline that having a shower is our best bet after leaving waters that might be infested with dangerous bacteria.

Antibacterial soaps are very useful thanks to some chemical ingredients. Making an appointment to your doctor is never a bad idea especially if you want to make sure that you are 100 percent healthy. Cooking is another reason for concern because people usually eat raw oysters that might be already infected with Vibrio.

Plus, shrimp and crabs are usually boiled or steamed in order to maintain their flavor. But these methods are not safe enough against possible infections. Bacteria die at high temperatures, so seafood must be adequately cooked to be considered healthy enough.

Otherwise, they can lead to severe consequences especially in people who suffer from lymphoma, leukemia, arthritis, and liver disease. The flesh-eating bacteria infect the human body through cuts and puncture wounds mostly because people go fishing without having the right equipment.

But it is not enough to be properly equipped as fishing is sometimes a dangerous activity involving knives and sharp hooks which might lead to injuries. In the worst case scenarios, experts urge fishermen to seek medical attention immediately in order to avoid the spread of the flesh-eating bacteria into the body.

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