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A Look at Lenovo's Revamped ThinkPad Yoga Laptops • Mirror Daily

Lenovo plans to invest more in fold-back models.

Developers invite us to take a look at Lenovo’s revamped ThinkPad Yoga laptops, which will be introduced in November. The new devices offer ten times more performance compared to the models that were presented during the CES event at the beginning of 2015.

Tech lovers have been very pleased to hear that Lenovo is widening its collection of laptops. The company has designed two new models of ThinkPad Yoga laptops which boast an unprecedented performance. Or so the producers claims.

The first ThinkPad Yoga models were introduced at the CES conference in the first months of the year. They were so successful that the company has decided to invest more in their production and so the ThinkPad Yoga 260 and ThinkPad Yoga 460 versions were born.

According to the developer, these two new models are lighter and slimmer than the first ones. They weigh 2.9 and 3.9 pounds, respectively and the smaller model features a 12.5 inch display. This is the perfect choice for book reading, video streaming, email writing. However, work related activities could be somewhat hindered, so don’t expect the fold-back device to properly display all your documents. The more appropriate option in this case would be the 14-inch ThinkPad Yoga 460 model.

As Lenovo has previously stated, the main qualities of the new fold-back devices remain the large storage capacity. The larger model can store up 1TB of documents, whereas the 12-inch version features only 512GB off space on its hard drive.

Customers should first think of the activities they plan on carrying out with the new Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga model. If they hope to play games or make great use of the graphics components, then they should choose the larger notebook due to its Nvidia GeForce 940M chip.

Prices are the only ones that have remained unchanged, if we were to judge from the information provided by the tech developer. The 260 model will have a starting price of $949, while the 460 notebook is set at $1,049.

The launching dates of the two laptops have been set for very different periods. ThinkPad 260 will be available for sale in November in U.S. and then, it will be later on introduced in other countries, as well.

Lenovo’s 460 notebook, on the other hand, is not expected sooner than January 2016 on the US market. International customers could get their hands on the fold-back device in October, the company has stated.

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