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Abigail from Final Fight Is the Fourth DLC Character in Street Fighter V • Mirror Daily

The fourth DLC character for Street Fighter V has been announced

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Street Fighter V will feature some additional downloadable content in the Season 2 pass, and this DLC comes in the form of six characters. Three of them have already been revealed, and the fourth on the list has just made its big entrance. We are talking about Abigail, who you should already know from Final Fight.

During one of the largest competitions of fighting games in the world, EVO 2017, Capcom announced that Abigail is coming to Street Fighter V. This is not the first time when a character in Final Fight appears in the franchise. Hugo, for example, was among the fighters in Street Fighter III: Second Impact.

You should know Abigail from Final Fight

Abigail will make quite an exciting appearance in the game, as it will be the largest fighter ever present in the series. We’ve probably made you impatient, but you will have to wait only until July 25th to play the character in Street Fighter V. Together with the character, the game will also receive a special stage for him to deploy, namely Metro City Bay Area.

July 25th also brings the release of retro costumes for several characters, as well as stages for other characters. Juri, Ibuki, and Alex will receive the costumes, while the stages bound to come to the game are Suzaku’s stage from Street Fighter II and Kanzuki Family Stadium.

Street Fighter V gets other extra characters in the Season 2 pass

As mentioned above, the Season 2 character pass will get six new characters and, apart from Abigail, three more have already been announced. They are the bossy Akuma, the martial art expert from Russia Kolin, and Ed, who is on good terms with Balrogs.

You can purchase this character pass for $30. If you don’t want all characters, but think you need Abigail among your fighters, you will still be able to buy it with in-game currency. Two more characters are to be announced, and they should be here by the end of the year.

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