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Abortion Is Now Highly Debated in Latin America

The Women on Waves pro-choice organization is illegally sending abortion drugs to Latin American women.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Because of the astronomical spread of the Zika virus, abortion is now highly debated in Latin America. The problem is that a group named “Women on Waves” is illegally importing abortion drugs into the country and trying to convince women that it is better to have a chemically induced abortion than giving birth to a malformed baby.

The Zika virus outbreak has affected 4000 women, as opposed to approximately 163, which was the annual average until now. The illness is not deadly for neither the mother, nor the baby, but it does cause malformations to the developing baby. Most of the infected mothers give birth to babies with a very small head and an abnormally developed brain.

No cure has been found yet for the virus that is continuously spreading throughout Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Surinam, Argentina, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, San Salvador, Haiti, and Panama. Also, the WHO (the World Organization for Health) reported that an official link between microcephaly and the Zika virus was not yet detected.

The official authorities of the Latin American countries that were previously mentioned have advised women to try and avoid pregnancy until a solution to the epidemic is found. Many people contested this advice saying that the Latin American women are not sufficiently educated in matters of pregnancy prevention and they are not able to completely stop having babies.

This is where the Women on Waves organization got involved. They are trying to give a choice to the expectant mothers that have been diagnosed with Zika virus. On this account, they have created a special website where Latin American women can register and receive a free abortion drug from the organization.

The problem is, apart from the fact that abortions are illegal in Latin America, the drug that they are sending to help the women is highly volatile. The FDA only approves its use until the 9th week of pregnancy, and shipment alone can last up to five weeks. This means that the Women on Waves expect the infected pregnant women to discover their pregnancy and their illness in a matter of four weeks. Which is as outrageous as it is impossible because many women discover that they are pregnant after 4 to 6 weeks.

The group, which is a pro-choice organization, took advantage of the increased spread of the virus and started demanding that the women in the affected countries be able to undergo such a procedure legally. Abortion is now highly debated in Latin America, but the outcome may not be in favor of their demands, especially after they tried to convince the Latin American women to order an illegal drug.

Perhaps it would have been better for the Women on Waves group if they started to send care packages that educated the women on matters of prevention.

The organization is not at its first offense, the group members being caught last year as they were trying to deliver the same abortion medication to pregnant women in Poland and Ireland using drones.

In the meantime, the WHO and many other health organizations are working on a treatment that will stop the effects that the Zika virus has on pregnant women.

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