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Abortion Rate Lowers Almost Everywhere in the US • Mirror Daily

This is one of the most discussed moral problems of our times. Abortion is a delicate subject and it is a goo thing that people are starting to talk about it more and more, in order to decide whether it is moral or not or in what conditions it can be legitimate to end a pregnancy. The lawmakers of the United States have different opinions on this matter as well. And if you were to look at all the states in the US, you will see that some have a tendency of seeing abortion as a more acceptable thing than others do. However, a recent report by the Associated Press has shown that the abortion rate lowers almost everywhere in the United States. And while some voices claim that this is a success of the contraceptives, which have become more effective than ever, other say that a change in the social attitude towards ending the life of an unborn child has changed, and for the better, they claim.

Well, it might not surprise you to hear that in the states where the laws are strict about abortion and where it is a difficult process to proceed in such a way, the abortion rate has dropped. Still, what is more unanticipated is the fact that the abortion rate has also lowered in the more so called `liberal` states, where the laws are more permissive when it comes to this delicate subject.

For instance, in states like Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma the rate of abortion has dropped by over 15 per cent since five years ago. Such states have shown a firmer attitude towards passing laws against abortion. But, even if you were to take into consideration states that have maintained it rather facile to proceed to an abortion, like Oregon, New York or Washington, the numbers of the abortion rate drop look almost the same, according to the study led by Associated Press.

The lowering of the abortion rate goes together with a drop in the teen pregnancy rate. In 2010, the numbers of pregnant teens has been the lowest in decades. Even if there has been no official update to the 2010 study regarding teen pregnancy, the experts say that the numbers are at a steady level and this also contributes to the drop of the abortion rate overall.

On a national scale, the AP study results uncover the fact that, since 2010, the abortion rate has dropped by 12 per cent.

Image Source: CBS News

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