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Abusive Caretaker Arrested After Hitting and Insulting 93-Year-Old Woman • Mirror Daily

An abusive caretaker was recently arrested in Memorial Villages after insulting and beating a 93-year-old woman with dementia.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – An abusive caretaker from Memorial Villages, Houston has been taken into custody on Thursday by the local law enforcement authorities, after a footage recorded using a hidden camera revealed that she physically and verbally abused a 93-year-old patient with dementia.

The abusive caretaker was charged with injury to an elderly person, and, if proven guilty, will spend the next two to ten years behind bars.

The events leading to the arrest of 59-year-old Brenda Trahan Floyd began a few days before New Year’s Eve. Floyd’s employer, the 93-year-old woman’s son, discovered that her mother had suspicious bruises on her arms. Taking into account that his mother was diagnosed with dementia, his son initially believed that the bruising on her arms might have been the result of the woman falling.

However, the man became suspicious after he saw that the woman also had a bruise around her right eye. To see how the mysterious bruises appeared, the man decided to install a nanny camera in his mother’s living room, since the woman tends to spend most of her time sitting in her favorite chair and watching television.

And on New Year’s Eve, the man managed to discover the origin of his mother’s bruises. The footage from the nanny cam begins with the woman sitting in her chair and watching TV, while her pet dog waddles around the living room.

After a couple of minutes, Floyd, the abusive caretaker, enters the room, carrying a walking aide. She looks at the dog’s bowl near the woman’s armchair and starts to berate her for feeding the dog with human food. Shortly after, she slaps the woman’s neck and orders her to go to bed.

Reluctantly, the 93-year-old woman with dementia rises from her armchair and grabs her walking aide. The abusive caretaker kept slapping her neck before she could get to the walking aid. Before heading into the bedroom, the woman was hit again by Floyd, who kept asking her about why she’s feeding her dog with human food.

At one point, the elderly woman told Floyd that she did not do it. However, Floyd told her to keep quiet and slapped her again.

After reviewing the tape, the man called the authorities and went straight to his mother’s home where he told Floyd to vacate the premises, as her services were no longer required. Floyd got into her car and drove off.

The abusive caretaker was apprehended three days later after Memorial Villages’ Police Department received an anonymous tip from a person who said that a woman fitting Floyd’s description was in north Houston.

Floyd was taken into custody, and a bail of $5,000 was posted in her name. If she’s found guilty by the court, the abusive caretaker could spend two to ten years behind bars for elderly individual abuse, and a fine of $10,000.

Image source: Pixabay

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