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Added Sugar Levels in Starbucks Drinks Are Immense • Mirror Daily

The hot grape chai tea, mochafrappucino and pumpkin spice late are the most sugary drinks.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The Action on Sugar campaign analyzed 131 hot drinks served by the franchise and concluded that added sugar levels in Starbucks drinks are immense. Some of the beverages that the famous coffee shop was preparing for its customers contained up to 25 teaspoons worth of sugar.

Sure, Starbucks is good for the social component of your life, but from the health point of view, it is a ticking diabetes bomb. A report that was recently made public said that the famous coffee shop franchise serves drinks that have up to 25 teaspoons worth of added sugar.

The daily recommended dose of sugar recommended by the NHS is of 30 grams. A teaspoon of granulated sugar measures around 4 grams. That means that a single Starbucks beverage covers more than three times the daily recommended dose of sugar.

According to data provided by the CNN, 25 teaspoons of added sugar are three times the intake recommended by the Heart Association of America, the NHS, and the CDC. Also, the sugar quantity that was found in a single Starbucks hot beverage was also around three times the added sugar amount in an average glass of Coca-Cola. The fizzy drink was, up until now, considered one of the most sugary beverage on the market.

The Action on Sugar campaign that sponsored and published the report describes itself as being a sort of advocate for human health. It seems that the group behind the campaign is made out of health specialists, nutritionists, and even doctors. One of their main goals is to convince people to consume less sugary food and beverages.

According to the report that was released by the health-promoting organization, the most sugary Starbucks beverage is the mulled fruit flavored chai tea with hot grape. The drink was reported to contain 25 teaspoons of added sugar. This means that the added sugar levels in Starbucks drinks are immense.

Other health-hazard drinks that the company is offering to its loyal customers are the whipped cream mocha frappuccino with white chocolate that contains 18 teaspoons worth of sugar and their signature beverage, the Starbucks hot chocolate that comes in venti size contained no more than 15 teaspoons of added sugar.

The chai latte was reported to contain 13 spoons of added sugar while the famous seasonal latte with pumpkin spice flavor and whipped cream contained 10 spoons of added sugar.

One of the researchers from the Action on Sugar organization, Kawther Hashem, advised the people to treat the Starbucks beverages as more of a treat that you give yourself on rare occasion than an everyday habit.

A spokesperson from Starbucks declared that they are actively trying to reduce the sugar quantities from their drinks and have lighter options that they can offer to their clients. Even though the added sugar levels in Starbucks drinks are immense, the company does display all of this nutritional information both in their store and on their on-line profiles.

The added sugar levels in Starbucks Drinks are immense, but other companies aren’t offering healthy solutions either.

For example, a medium sized vanilla chai from Dunkin’ Donuts contains around 11 teaspoons of added sugar while their hot macchiato has 7. A McDonald’s large mocha is estimated to have the same amount of 11 teaspoons in its componence and a mocha from the competing KFC contains no less than 15.

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