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Airbnb and Tesla Announce New Partnership to Promote Electric Car Chargers – Mirror Daily

Tesla hopes the agreement will allow them to install 100 electric car chargers in California by the end of the year.

Based on official reports, Airbnb and Tesla announce new partnership to promote electric car chargers. The move has long been anticipated by promoters of renewable energy, who were hoping to see more support on behalf of auto makers.

Tesla car producer launched their electric Model S sedan in 2012 promising that there will be many similar projects in the making in the following years. Three years have gone by, but Tesla made no significant announcements in this direction.

On Friday, the vehicle producer has surprised customers and market analysts alike through the recent deal that they have signed with home rental and travel website Airbnb. There is little connection between the two companies, you might be tempted to think, but Tesla has made it all clear for us.

It appears that the two companies have joined hands to make home car electric chargers more popular. Based on their agreement, Airbnb is inviting users to register their homes as possible hosts for Tesla’s electric chargers. The two companies aim to select 100 homes by the end of the year and thus, enable Tesla drivers to “Be free. Go far” as the advertisement says.

Not all home owners can take part in the selection, according to Airbnb’s declarations. Only 4+ star rated homes that have been booked at least five times before can be added to the list. Most homes will be located in California, where Tesla is currently developing its electric car projects.

Interested home owners must be aware that Tesla is not covering all costs and requirements for the provision of the new home electric car chargers. The auto maker has agreed to offer the US$750 charger for free, but the costs of the installation will be covered by the home owner.

Our calculations have revealed us that the installation costs will probably amount to approximately US$900. This explains Airbnb’s decision to select only 4+ star properties; their owners are the only ones who may be willing to agree to this condition.

The new deal is said to bring many benefits to home owners, Tesla and Airbnb customers alike. The two companies could both register revenue growths, whereas home owners could increase their booking rates due to the new electric car chargers.

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