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Alexion Is Raising Awareness on Rare Diseases • Mirror Daily

Alexion Pharmaceuticals is actively involved in raising awareness on rare medical conditions.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – A pharmaceutical company is using this extra, rare day to remind the people that there are rare conditions out here. Alexion is raising awareness on rare diseases on the 29th of February, a leap day.

Even though leap day is added once every four years in order for the Gregorian calendar to compensate for the extra 0.25 days that the Earth spends revolving around the Sun, people are treating the 29th of February as an extra day, a day in which we are gifted the rare gift of time.

But leap day is also an undeclared symbol of rareness. So Alexion Pharmaceuticals is using the rare calendar occurrence to raise awareness of the existence of rare diseases and conditions.

The 29th of February 2016 marks the ninth edition of the Day of Rare Diseases. And this year the organizers have chosen to focus on the “Patient Voice” theme.

The talks and promotional materials are focused on the subject of patient experiences. The general public is made aware of how difficult life is for a person that suffers from a rare condition. What are the daily habits of such a patient and how life is affected by a one-in-a-million disease.

And that is not all. The executive officer in chief at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, David Hallal, declared that their newest headquarter situated in New Haven is dedicated to all of the patients for which the company works day and night.

He stated that the urgency of the patients’ conditions inspires them to work harder and more efficiently in order to create medical breakthroughs in fields in which patients didn’t even expect them to.

Furthermore, Hallal said that Alexion has around 3,000 employees worldwide and all of them are actively participating in activities designed to demonstrate the company’s commitment to transform the lives of the patients that they serve.

Alexion Pharmaceutical is a sponsor in the Legislative Advocates for Rare Diseases fifth Annual Week that takes place in Washington on Capitol Hill. The company also sponsors NORD’s National Activities Day for Rare Diseases, the Annual Utah Symposium for the Day of Rare Diseases, and the House Event in Utah for the same occasion and the Rare Disorders Canadian Organization.

In the present moment, Alexion is raising awareness on rare diseases and actively helping sufferers of such conditions from all around the world.

In honor of the Day of Rare Diseases, Alexion will also attend and sponsor various events in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Asia.

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