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New laws are needed against algal bloom.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – As people become more concerned about the algal bloom problem that occurs every year, authorities and health officials think that there is a dire need for stricter regulations to prevent these toxic blue-green algae from harming the environment.

According to Doug Gibson, Oak Hill Mayor, the waters have already been invaded again by this parasite. Mosquito Lagoon is the first victim, whereas the entire Indian River Lagoon system is threatened.

Blue-green algae have a severe impact not only on the environment but also on the communities which live near these sources of water. For example, if the level of algae reaches a critical peak, the residents will no longer have access to drinking water.

This lagoon system is 156 miles long, and it is situated between Ponce de Leon Inlet and Jupiter Inlet. Based on latest reports, the algal bloom was also spotted in the St. Johns River system near Jacksonville and at Bull Creek in Flagler County.

According to Duane DeFreese, Indian River Lagoon Council executive director, nutrients, rain, and heat are the third primary causes that lead to the spread of the toxic blue-green algae.

The Indian River Lagoon Council consists of five counties and other agencies that joined their efforts to develop a better strategy against the algal bloom.

DeFreese underlined that algal bloom is growing in intensity throughout the world as well. This parasite has severely affected the United States waters over the last five years leading to the deaths of many pelicans, dolphins, manatees, and many species of fish. It also destroyed many seaweed beds.

The toxic blue-green algae consume a lot of oxygen, so it creates areas known as ‘dead zones’ where fish and other water creatures usually die. The algal bloom thrives not just thanks to the warm temperatures but also because of the high level of phosphorus in the water.

Due to the rain, massive amounts of runoff and fertilizer poison the waters increasing the level of phosphorus. This way, the algal bloom spreads and contaminates the water making it dangerous for animals and humans.

Authorities always prohibit people from swimming in contaminated waters because they can suffer severe rashes from the contact with the algae. Also, this parasite is highly deadly when it comes to pets, especially dogs.

When dogs swim, they swallow large amounts of water, so they ingest a lot of algae. If this happens, they will experience a series of symptoms as they can even die. Scientists underlined that there is a dire need for regulations to reduce the level of phosphorus in the waters.

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