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Alleged Leprosy Cases in the U.S. • Mirror Daily

A school in California deals with two alleged leprosy cases.

(Mirror Daily, United States) Leprosy is a horrible disease, which dates back to the Middle Ages when epidemics had damaging effects on the European population. Now the disease can be found in small areas in countries in the Third World. However, alleged leprosy cases have been recently reported in the United States, too.

Health authorities couldn’t ignore the news, and went on to investigate the alleged leprosy cases. They were related to children in a Jurupa Valley school, in California. Two of the students are suspected to be infected with the now rare disease.

The school authorities announced the parents about the situation of the students.

According to specialists, leprosy, or Hansen’s disease (HD) is caused by M. leprae bacteria. They also say that most people are immune to this microbe. They assure the parents that the disease can’t further spread if identified and treated in due time.

Soon after the announcement of the alleged leprosy cases was made, parents didn’t sent their kids to school. Officials from the educational institution stated that approximately ten percent of their total number of registered students missed classed the next day after the announcement. There are six hundred children registered at the school.

Parents and officials from others schools are concerned about the situation too. Some of the parents also admitted that they didn’t know much about leprosy, but that they were still worried about their children and understand that it was a bad situation.

The school is trying to keep the situation under control. They assure parents at other schools too that they have nothing to worry about. Even if the diagnosis of leprosy is confirmed, the other students are not exposed to risks. Doctors inform them that there is a small chance for the other kids to get the infection.

As there is no threat for students, parents are advised to send their children back to school. If the leprosy cases are confirmed, treatment will keep the disease under control. There is no risk for the infection to spread among other children or teachers. As an extra safety measure, the classrooms of the two children were disinfected.

Although the two children were already seen by a doctor, their disease has not been officially confirmed yet. Their parents were the ones who announced the school authorities on their children’s health problems.

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