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Allegheny County Doc Said To Have Performed Liposuction in Metal Barn • Mirror Daily

An Allegheny County doctors has been allegedly performing cosmetic surgery, like liposuction, in a metal barn.

Because going to a legit and state-approved clinic for a liposuction is too mainstream and costly, we offer you a wallet-friendly and very safe alternative, in the form of a doctor who performs said medical procedure in a barn.

Recently, the Allegheny County authorities have begun a thorough investigation in the case of Dr. Bradley Bastow, a Missouri surgeon, who’s allegedly running an under-the-counter cosmetic surgery clinic in a metal barn.

Doc Doing Liposuction in Barn?

The on-going investigation revealed that potential customers of a cosmetic website entitled Body Laser Sculpting were directed towards an address where there was nothing resembling a clinic, just a barn with a big padlock on the front door.

Furthermore, the Allegheny County Police Department stated that the barn has a considerable car lot, and, each day, multiple vehicles can be seen there including that of Doctor Bradley Bastow, allegedly the clandestine clinic’s owner.

Some of the Allegheny County residents who live near the alleged liposuction clinic told the authorities that the place was a dump, not too long ago, but since the new owner or owner got hold of property, the surrounding area is much clear.

Upon inspecting the alleged liposuction clinic, the authorities found discarded medical equipment in the trash bins. According to a police spokesperson, the items found inside the trash cans are commonly used to perform liposuctions or other types of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Bradley Bastow, supposedly one of the surgeons who operates the clinic, has been questioned by the authorities, but no legal actions have been taken against him. Meanwhile, as the Allegheny County Police Department, this wouldn’t the first run-in, Dr. Bastow had with the law.

Who Is Dr. Bradley Bastow?

Bastow became somewhat of a local star back in 1995, when he acquired the most expansive golf simulator and hire a professional golfer in order to help him improve his game. Because of the young doctor’s eccentricity, the Gulf Nut Society of America bestowed upon him the title of Gulf Nut of the Year in 1995.

However, in 2013, Dr. Bradley Bastow had quite a quarrel with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and had to pay a $1,000 fine for failing to calibrate his instruments and to monitor radioactive substances. As for the alleged liposuction clinic hosted in a barn, the state’s health department declared that the good doctor doesn’t possess a certificate of occupancy, nor is authorized to conduct any business activities.

Image source: Wikipedia

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