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Alternative Male Contraceptive Made of Plants • Mirror Daily

Researchers discovered a plant-based male contraceptive with no side effects

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Women have plenty of methods to choose from when they want to keep away an unwanted pregnancy, but men do not have many options. Therefore, researchers have been trying to create a new contraceptive which can work effectively for males, so they came up with an innovative idea which might actually work.

Alternative male contraceptive with no side effects

Scientists found some chemicals from wild plants which act like anti-fertility agents. These chemicals, pristimerin and lupeol, can stop the sperm from fertilizing the egg. These substances can be used as an alternative to current male contraceptive methods, as they come with no side effects.

Hormone-based contraceptives have a lot of side effects which affect the health of the person who takes them. On the other hands, pills and treatments made of plants have no adverse effects, so they can be both efficient and safe.

Lupeol and pristimerin act like molecular condoms

Pristimerin is found in thunder god vine, a plant used for preparing traditional Chinese medicine. Lupeol is found in mango, aloe vera plants, and dandelion roots. Even in low doses, these chemicals are effective, as they work like molecular condoms. However, the only problem is that they are very hard to find.

Chemicals came in very small doses in the plants, so scientists need to figure out how to produce larger quantities. If their attempt is successful, this alternative might even replace the hormonal methods, as the chemicals only block the sperm without damaging it. Also, they might work as emergency contraceptive, since they can be administrated even after sexual intercourse.

Even women might use them, so vaginal rings and skin patches with pristimerin and lupeol could become the next contraceptive trend. Firstly, researchers will test these chemicals on primates. If everything goes well, they will move on to human trials.
Image Source: Pixabay

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