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Relay for Life keeps up the good work.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The initiative of many American citizens continues with a new Relay for Life event, this time at the Los Lunas High School Eddie Fulkerson Baseball Field. Cancer is a disease that affects many people throughout the United States every year.

According to Betty Richardson, cancer survivor and Peralta resident, one of the most important parts of this event is that people gather together. No one should feel alone in the battle with cancer. That is why Relay for Life aims to invite these people to share their stories, inspire, and encourage one another to stay strong.

There were many recreational activities including food, beverages, music, and games. Everyone celebrated cancer survivors, encouraged the people who are still fighting the disease, and the ones who passed away.

One of these survivors, Sharon Herndon, confessed that she wouldn’t have been cancer free for the last 15 years if she hadn’t discovered early that she is sick after a mammogram. Many other families participate in the event forming teams that raise funds for the cancer fighters.

Burzyeki family has participated in the Relay for Life over the last few years. Joan Burzyeki and two of her children suffer from a hereditary genetic disorder which is the source of adrenal and thyroid cancer.

These cancers cannot be cured by radiation or chemotherapy. Fortunately, Bret Coiner (her son) and Lachelle Coiner (her daughter) are doing better now.

For them, this event is a reason to celebrate and to commemorate the children’s grandfathers, Vincent Smith, and Bill Fritsche, who both died from cancer. Bret’s fiancé, Tracee Nesslage, also participated in the Relay to inform people about various types of cancer.

Tracee confessed that after she had met Bret and his family, she became more emphatic and she decided that she wants to do more for the people fighting with this disease. During the event, there will be the Survivors Lap around Eddie Fulkerson Baseball Field.

This event has raised until now $2,935 but during this year, people donated an impressive sum of $21,475. The money will go to the American Cancer Society to help scientists find a new treatment to deal with various types of cancer.

The Relay for Life will continue throughout the United States to raise awareness and funds regarding this disease.

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