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Americans Prefer Believing In Heaven Rather than God • Mirror Daily

While people are losing faith in God, they are still holding on to the belief that Heaven exists.

(Mirror Daily, United States) – According to the latest studies, Americans prefer believing in Heaven rather than God. It seems that the millennials are more prone to dismiss the existence of God, than any of the previous generations, but they still hang on to the idea of Heaven.

Reverend Barkley Thompson, the dean of a Christ Church Cathedral, declared that younger generations, especially millennials, are less inclined to follow religion.

And if Reverend Thompsons’s church is seeing fewer visitors seeing as it also harbors the Center for Prayer and Spirituality that offers a more non-traditional religious experience, like tai chi, yoga, meditation, sacred art and sacred movement, just imagine how empty other, more classic churches are beginning to be.

Ever since the ‘80s, Americans started gradually losing faith in the mystical entity that delves in the sky. The number of religious individuals was reduced by more than half in the last 35 years, and the ones who pray are even more reduced. Moreover, the percentage of United States citizens who never uttered a prayer in their life has reached a new, maximum peak.

By analyzing a sample of over 58,000 adults, the researchers discovered that the number of individuals who believe in the existence of God, pray to him, attend the religious services meant to spread his word and consider the Bible as being the real deal, true Christian history, rather than literature, are higher than in any other decade.

Furthermore, a third of the surveyed people consider themselves as being “secular,” while a fifth opts to describe themselves as being “not spiritual.”

It seems that the younger generations are more inclined to pass on any religious beliefs. While the percentage of young adults with ages between 18 and 22 who didn’t affiliate themselves with any religion in the ‘70s was just a little over 10 percent, things have significantly changed.

The survey discovered that 36 percent of those belonging to the same age group now renounced the idea of pertaining to any religion. Additionally, in the 1970s only four percent of people were prayer-free, now, 28 percent of the surveyed individuals admitted to never having prayed.

But it seems that Americans prefer believing in Heaven rather than God. Even though the number of people losing faith in religion or the existence of a higher being is rapidly decreasing, the survey showed that people still want to think that there is life after death.

Image source: Wikimedia

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