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Android M, Google Smartwatch and ARA Projects Are Expected at Google I/O Conference • Mirror Daily

One of the most anticipated tech events is due to take place at the end of the week and analysts are swirling with excitement. Based on their recent suppositions, Android M, Google Smartwatch and ARA projects are expected at Google I/O Conference set for the 28th and the 29th of May.

Foreign tech writers and reviewers must now be conceiving evil plans to put out their luckier colleagues, who most certainly have already received invitations at Google I/O by now. That is, at least what I would do to simply get in possession of the awesome door-opening invitation.

Until that happens, I will just rack my brains out trying to figure out what is it exactly that Google has in store for its customers this year. As most of us might expect, the upcoming developers’ event could stand as a launching ramp for the search giant’s new software, Android M.

The Cupertino firm has accustomed fans and customers with the launching of new apps and programs during the I/O conference. Based on the past patterns, there are 100% chances that this year a new Android version will see the light of day.

There have been many discussions in relation to Android M and the general conclusion that has been reached so far is that the new software is meant to offer support to enterprises. The conclusion was reached after a message was posted on Google’s official weblog saying that the company will try to address enterprises’ needs by creating a special online platform for them.

It is not yet clear what type of services and features will be added to Android M that make it so perfect for organizational activity. Brief hints have only suggested that the search giant plans to endow its software with fingerprinting technology enabling people to better safeguard the contents of their smart devices. In addition, the new software could feature multi-screen functionalities, based on which users will be able to simultaneously work with more apps.

Android M might be the highlight of Google’s I/O Conference, but there are many other projects that the company is reportedly preparing. New smartwatch features might also be presented at the event, as the Cupertino enterprise wants to turn its wearables into more sport-prone devices. Additional fitness options could thus, be added to Google’s Watch.

Analysts who are more interested, on the other hand, in visualizing what the future looks like in terms of smart technology will be happy to take part in the presentation of Google’s ARA project. The highly-advanced technology has only been hinted at in the past years, but the recent talks have given us hope that some features of the ARA smartphone could get disclosed during this year’s event.

Google could get ahead of all competing companies if ARA smartphone gets released on the market. The device will feature several detachable items that customers may or may not add to the smartphone. The project was developed as Google believes personalized devices will be the ‘next big thing’ in terms of smart devices.
Image Source: TechRadar

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