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Anonymous Declared December 11th as 'Troll ISIS Day'

On December 11th, Anonymous encourages #daeshbag

(Mirror Daily, United States) – The most collective hacktivist group Anonymous declared December 11th as ‘Troll ISIS Day’, and is asking the internet in joining them to mock one the most cruel terrorist organizations in the world. The world has gone up in flames after the Islamic State terrorists (ISIS) launched an attack on Paris.

Around 130 people were left dead after a series of coordinated attacks. The vicious murders have been the drop to fill the glass for Anonymous, the world’s most well-know organization of hackers. Since then, they’ve declared war on the terrorists, and closed around 5,500 of their Twitter accounts in November. The group is not stopping there.

The hackers declared tomorrow, December 11th, as ‘Troll ISIS Day’, calling out to all users of social media to join them in humiliating, defaming, and defying ISIS and its members. According to the group, participants do not need to be actual hackers. All they could do is choose from a simple set of hashtags and posts in order to spread the fight against the terrorism across social media.

Numerous reports have found that ISIS conduct a lot of their actions on social media, be it propaganda, recruiting, or actual messaging between members. It’s one of the targets that should be well struck in a way that it shows that the rest of the world is not afraid. Terrorists work through fear. The world showing they’re not afraid would place a dent into their goal.

The first stop: Twitter. After the Paris attacks, members or sympathizers of ISIS celebrated the deaths of over a hundred people with #ParisIsBurning. That is why Anonymous means to strike in the same manner, and gather millions of users to fight with them. They made suggestions on how to start trolling the terrorists in an online document displaying their plan.

For one, Anonymous calls for the use of #daeshbags. ‘Daesh’ is an Arabic acronym for ISIS, one that they viciously despise. In fact, they hate it to the point of cutting off the tongue of people heard uttering the word. The hackers suggest making as much use of #daesh or #daeshbags as possible, including photos mocking ISIS, adding pictures of goats when ISIS members speak of their wives, or #’s that ISIS members often use.

Similar actions are asked for Instagram, YouTube, and, of course, Facebook. Naturally, Anonymous also encourages all to find accounts belonging to ISIS members, report them, and then prompt all their friends to do the same. Mocking photos are encouraged even in real-life, along with pictures of dead ISIS members. That might not be to everyone’s taste, but it should be remembered that they openly celebrated the deaths of 130 people and are planning more.

However, last but not least, tread carefully. ISIS is a terrorist organization with a brutal reputation. If you do mean to troll them, do it carefully and maintain both your name and location unknown by following Anonymous’ example. Everyone is advised to make sure they remain anonymous themselves, and consider it carefully before joining the hackers.

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