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Apple Acquires Sleep Tracker Producer Beddit • Mirror Daily

Apple purchased Beddit, the Finnish company which produces sleep trackers

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Apple purchased Beddit, the Finnish company manufacturing devices which track your sleep. These devices work with iOS apps, as well as the Apple Watch. They officially announced the acquisition and informed their users that their data is now subject to the Apple privacy policy.

Apple stores sold Beddit devices

Apple was already in collaboration with Beddit. For instance, Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor, the latest device produced by the company, was available for purchase in Apple stores. This device is, in fact, a strip with several sensors attached.

This strip can be put under the bedsheet and then records all movements you perform during sleep by using a technique called ballistocardiography. The device is practical, as you don’t have to wear it. You only have to adjust it under your sheets, and then it does all the work.

Apple wants to get involved in the sleep tracker market

Recently, Apple has started to put more emphasis on their own wearables. The Apple Watch is the main device here, which started making more attempts at body tracking. However, this watch does not come with any sleep tracking options.

Apple Watch users might opt for some third-party apps working on the device to have their sleep monitored. However, the Apple Watch requires daily charging. Therefore, they have to charge their phone during the day to have it functional at night, so everything might turn out a bit unpractical.

Therefore, Beddit fills the gap present in the sleep tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch. It is not clear yet how Apple is planning to make use of the Beddit technology. They can either embrace the already existent trackers, borrow their software, or have all the Beddit engineers create new sleep tracking methods.

Apple has been showing interest in this area for quite a long time, especially when they started commercializing Beddit’s devices in their stores. Therefore, it was somehow expectable that they would try to approach the company or develop their own sleep tracking hardware.
Image Source: Pixabay

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