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Apple Co-Founder No Longer Trusts Tesla, But Loves the Car • Mirror Daily

(Mirror Daily, United States) – Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak didn’t mince words when he criticized Tesla for the way it handled its latest Autopilot car crash scandal.

Wozniak said he no longer trusts the company or its boss, Elon Musk, but added that he is still in love with the car.

Now I don’t believe anything Elon Musk or Tesla says, but I still love the car,

the tech pioneer said.

Wozniak made the remarks at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm. He also thinks that Tesla is a little overhyped since other car makers have also reached technological advances, but they do not congratulate themselves as much as Tesla does.

The former Apple boss praised his Chevy Bolt, but would rather drive his Tesla if the trips are too long.

Wozniak Disgruntled with Tesla

Wozniak, who owns two Model S, also accused the electric vehicle maker of “cheap” tactics to dodge accusations following a car crash scandal. He also recalled that one of his once Teslas slid off on ice at Lake Tahoe and stopped into a snow bank.

So, he and his wife decided to buy an upgrade. At the time, he was also impressed by Elon Musk’s talk about the “summon” function which was supposed to enable the car to drive itself across the country by 2017, which never happened.

Plus, Wozniak was disgruntled that Tesla broke up with the sensor company Mobileye and installed not one, but eight cameras in the car afterwards.

Musk did promise a fully autonomous car by the end of 2017, but he pushed that deadline to early 2018. Last month, he suggested the date may be pushed even more. So, Wozniak kind of lost his trust in the car maker since he once believed all “that stuff.”
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