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Apple Confirms the Massive iPhone 6 Upgrade – Mirror Daily

Apple confirms the massive iPhone 6 upgrade which tech savvies have been expecting ever since the first rumors surfaced on the Internet in the past few weeks.

Apple has been grabbing all the press attention recently due to the latest news related to a possible iPhone 6 update. The company has confirmed the massive iPhone 6 upgrade, although the smartphone producer did not provide specific information as to what the new version will include.

Analysts have only managed to find out so far that the upgraded version will include a faster processor responsible for faster response. Apple has disclosed that they plan to use the A9 processor, which has had very good speed results, so far.

The memory capacity of the new iPhone 6 will also be improved, although Apple’s smartphones have been endowed with sufficient space for big volumes.

Consumers have repeatedly expressed their wish for improved sound quality. Apple has decided to meet their requirements by upgrading iPhone 6’s microphone. As an additional benefit, the rear camera will also receive additional 12 megapixels.

The best selling point that experts could think of is the new Force Touch Technology that Apple promises to use on its new iPhone 6 version. This feature will make the smartphone’s display more resistant and more modern compared to what the manufacturer has been using so far.

Using the description that the company has provided, The Force Touch technology enables users to access data on their smartphones with light or strong strokes applied on the screen.

The system is similar to the one used for the computer mouse. Depending on the force that is applied on the screen, the smartphone knows that the user wants to unfold a menu or to select an option.

Other rumors have been released in relation to a rose gold makeover of the iPhone 6. The company has already created a rose gold version of its Apple Watch for its high-end lines.

The wearable could soon find a match in the newly upgraded iPhone 6 version as the Cupertino-based company plans to allure stars into using their products. Apple hopes this will turn iPhones and smartphone Watches into luxurious accessories.

Apple did not provide further details related to the price that Apple’s new smartphone might feature. Analysts expect figures to rise significantly considering the advanced technology that the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer plans to add to its upgraded iPhone 6.
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